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Services List


  • We offer Technical Training.

Luwero Industries Limited; trains motor vehicle mechanics, engineering crafts men on job and explosive handling. We also conduct internship programs with various Universities in Uganda.

  • Waste Management

We have in place a 500kg/hr incinerator and a series of engineered land fills to handle;

  1. Medical/Pharmaceutical wastes.
  2. Industrial wastes.
  3. Construction wastes.
  4. Contrabands.
  5. Substandard commercial goods.
  6. Legacy waste
  • Portable Water

Luwero Industries Limited produces portable water for the surrounding communities and towns. Production capacity is 144,000 cubic meters per year.The water is sold to the community at a subsidized rate as part of social corporate responsibility.

  • Motor Vehicle Repair

Luwero Industries Limited has the capacity to rebuild 60 IFVs per year and capacity to repair 200 soft skin vehicles.

  • UPDF hardware repairs

Luwero Industries Limited repairs a capacity of 20,000 small caliber rifles per year and a capacity of 300 large caliber.

  • Engine over Haul

Luwero Industries Limited has the capacity to over haul motor vehicle engines for both light and heavy duty (4x4) trucks.