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Welcome to Luwero Industries Limited

Luwero Industries Limited is the main manufacturer of spare parts for UPDF equipment, metal fabrication, portable water and carpentry products among others.
Luwero Industries Limited is a Government owned company established on 03/05/1992. The National Enterprise Corporation (NEC) is a State Corporation which was established in 1989 by an Act of Parliament of Uganda soon after the liberation war as the commercial arm of the UPDF. The objective to redeploy and provide gainful employment to soldiers who were involved in the war and produce goods and services for the UPDF.
LIL is a center of excellence in the East African Community and is engaged in establishing regional partnerships in the defense industry with Intergovernmental Authority for Development member state defense SOTS

LIL Mission Statement
  • To Develop and Strengthen Uganda’s Capability for Self Sustenance in Security and Defence for National Development.
  • To become a leading producer of quality Defence products and Services in the Great Lakes Region and Beyond.

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